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Taking second opinion is every patient's inherent right. When we visit physicians in a healthcare facility, sometime we do not understand the diagnosis and treatment plans. This can be due to several reasons which may include physician's time constraint, patient's level of education or patient's dissatisfaction with ongoing treatment.  Some times an alternative treatment strategy is present but not informed well to the patients. At Maseeha, our team will volunteer to make your treatment process smooth and guide you through baby steps in the treatment of your illness.

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Services We Provide

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Inpatient Opinion

We also provide services for inpatient opinion. If you want our team to reach out to your treatment team. We can provide a second opinion after discussion. The treatment team should be agreeable for this service as well.


Physician Opinion 

If you are recently diagnosed with a medical condition,  and you want to obtain a second opinion about the diagnosis and treatment. You can send us recent physician's note and diagnostic data. We will go over with experts in our panel and provide you our best suggestion. Please make sure that this is not a new visit service so you still need to see your own physician for final recommendation.

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Pharmacy Service

We can also help you guide about your doctors' prescription. We can go over each medicines with you and inform you about doses, uses and adverse effects.


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